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Piccadilly Circus Circus

For one day only, on Sunday 2 September, Crying Out Loud transformed central London into a pedestrianised paradise full of surprises and spectacle as the streets were brought to life and iconic landmarks become the playground of the world’s most exciting contemporary circus performers.

Over the course of one incredible afternoon, 143 performances of 48 different acts by 33 companies took place across 15 spaces, with 247 performers!

Crying Out Loud’s Artistic Director Rachel Clare introduces the day  “the elements of the architecture on Regent Street are absolutely fantastic, they’re really suitable for the way we want to animate and bring to life contemporary circus artists”  watch here

Read Lyn Gardner’s 4* Guardian review here


  • "247 international circus artists from 17 different nations performing across 12 stages, and curated by Crying Out Loud with genuine flair, it was a day of spills and thrills, tongue-in-cheek humour and gravely serious gravity-defying feats."

    Lyn Gardner

  • Production

    Conceived and created by Crying Out Loud
    Joint Artistic Directors – Rachel Clare and Aletta Collins
    Original music Street Furniture
    Musical Director Peter Morris
    Composer Mieko Shimizu

    Crying Out Loud: Creative team
    Rachel Clare – Artistic Director
    Daniel Pitt – Artists’ Producer
    Elodie Peltier – Artists’ Producer (Intl)
    Slavka Jovanovic – Participation Manager
    Molly Nicholson – Artists’ Support
    Solene Marie – Participation Co-ordinator

    Crying Out Loud: Administration
    Rachel Clare – Artistic Director
    Sarah Macnee – Chief Executive
    Minnie Boardman – Administrator
    Steve Ehrlicher – Finance Manager
    For Regent Street Festival
    Regent Street Association
    Heart of London
    The Crown Estate

    Also Supported by
    For the French companies Institut Français and La Région Languedoc Roussillon