• Photo: E. Rioufol

  • Photo: E.Rioufol

  • Photo: E.Rioufol


Featuring members of the legendary flying company Les Arts Sauts, Epicycle  is a spectacular display of aerial and acrobatic arts that plays on and around an astounding metal structure – a giant ring 13m in diameter.

Within this towering circle exists a miniature universe inhabited by the ‘circle people’, or ‘cyclonauts’. Epicycle  conjures the rhythm of their lives in a unique illustrative style, drawing inspiration from European comics and mixing in references to authors such as Bilal, Schuiten, Freud, Cobeyran, Cecil and Lebeault.

The Epicycle  structure is designed by Side Up Concept, the outside eye for the show is choreographer and aerialist John-Paul Zaccarini. CirkVOST are based in Champclauson, France.


  • 'They play and fly and make you think that you could play and fly, too. Let go, cut free, soar… but the danger is real, not acted, as they artfully remind us that living is a life-threatening activity but you can survive it.'

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 25 April 2003

  • Co-Producers

    Epicycle  played as part of Piccadilly Circus Circus on 2 September 2012

    Production: Alexandrine Bianco