• Photo: Samadoss Maïtoul

  • Photo: Richard Haughton

  • Credit: Alice Underwood

What we do and why

Crying Out Loud are creative producers bringing memorable experiences from extraordinary visual theatre makers to audiences of all ages and abilities.

From July 2023, Crying Out Loud embarked on an ambitious three-year programme of work in partnership with Third Version Creative

What we do

We are pooling our combined experience as producers to curate and connect artists, programmers and their communities nationally and internationally; and to support world-class artistic experiences come to life in different forms and locations.

The partnership has developed from a shared ambition to use creativity to strengthen connections between communities and broaden our shared understanding of cultures through creativity.

Our new joint programme of work will ask important questions, dive deep into the unexpected and open-up new collaborative possibilities to platform world-class creativity and connect people across local and global creative borders.

Our mission is to:

– connect artists, programmers and communities across local and global borders & inspire cross-cultural exchange

– discover and develop new artistic talent on our doorstep and across the globe through a producing model that centres innovation, risk and careful collaboration

– produce world-class, boundary-pushing artworks, performances and creative projects for and with communities and audiences of all nationalities and ages everywhere

A key strand of our new programme is to support and present visual, site specific and cross artform projects in Portsmouth (where we are based) and the Solent area. We create development opportunities for local artists & communities, connecting them with the best companies and makers globally, and tour world-class international work to audiences in Portsmouth and across the South West England.

Why we do it

We are big believers in the power of creativity to break down barriers, transcend differences and strengthen connection and understanding across cultures.

Our vision is for a strong and dynamic creative community that connects and collaborates across borders. A community where local, national and international artists, programmers & sector peers are inspired to support each other, work together, and pursue ambitious projects that push at the boundaries of convention.

We want to serve that community as producers, nurturers & allies, and bring world-class work to stages and spaces across the globe to meet with audiences of all ages and nationalities.