• Photo: Ian Grandjean

  • Photo: M.Zakrzewski

  • Photo: Dan Martin

How We work

Our new model brings together the collective experience and interests of Crying Out Loud and Third Version Creative, as two UK based producers and programmers of innovative and international artworks, performances and creative projects. Over the next 3 years our joint programme will focus attention on the Solent area along with spaces, places and people nationally and internationally.

We have four strategic strands to our joint programme.

Connecting a global artistic community

We work to cultivate a globally connected and ambitious creative community through brokering, mentoring and networking. We connect artists, programmers and peers such as funders, education partners and other producers across local and global borders to promote cultural and creative exchange. Cross-border collaboration is vital to sparking new ambition, inviting boundary-pushing processes, welcoming diverse creative voices, enabling global dialogues and strengthening global sector infrastructure.

Discovering and developing new talent

We work with artists & communities of all experience levels locally, nationally and internationally who, like us, are ambitious and want to make work that is boundary-pushing. To us, boundary-pushing means trying something that hasn’t been tried before. This could be a new form, creative process or ambition to work at scale. Our unique producing model encourages risk, innovation and careful collaboration and fosters deep & long-term creative relationships. We support artists & communities with global residencies, workshops, mentoring and other interventions, but no two artist development processes are the same. We are guided by a curiosity in how we make, not what we make. This approach is crucial to creatives being able to take risks, and often enables the boundary-pushing work we are so interested in producing.

Producing world-class work

We create world-class experiences for audiences of all ages and nationalities and tour our ambitious boundary-pushing artworks, performances and creative projects across the globe. We work with programmers, festivals, arts venues, co-producers and other creative partners locally, nationally and internationally to find the best home for the work we develop, whether that is within community settings, in site specific locations, more conventional venues or major international arts festivals.

Working locally

We are committed to serving our local artists, communities and audiences. We create development opportunities for local artists & communities, connecting them with the best companies and makers globally, and tour world-class international work to audiences in Portsmouth and across the South West England.


As a network leader we work internationally, advocating for artists and contemporary visual theatre by making connections, initiating collaborations and creating opportunities in the UK and Europe. Explore our Networks here.

Our Values

There are a number of values that underpin our work.

– Ambitious – we are ambitious producers drawn to working with ambitious artists who want to meet audiences with ambitious work

– Collaborative – we seek deep & long-term collaborations with artists and value our relationships with our creative communities

– Quality – we are committed to quality in everything we do and produce world-class work

Inclusive – whether making work locally or internationally, we value every project the same. We develop work that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and nationalities in every corner of the globe. We promote inclusivity through the inclusion of artists, participants, and audiences which champion, celebrate and sustain the diversity of society around us and through the curation of our artistic projects and the issues in society they address.

– Playful – we are curious, generous, playful and committed to exploration. We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously!