L'absolu by Boris Gibé

The Circus Village at Festival OFF d’Avignon

Spotlight UK Circus will feature at The Circus Village during Festival OFF d’Avignon 6 – 29 July.

Hosted by NoFit State and featuring their new show, Lexicon, The Circus Village will showcase work from Northern Ireland, Wales and England as part of Spotlight UK Circus – an initiative aimed at showcasing contemporary circus from the United Kingdom to the international market.  Nikki & JD (Knot), Ockham’s Razor (Tipping Point) and Pirates of the Carabina (FLOWN) all performed at CIRCa festival du cirque actual and Subcase Subtopia Circus Fair in 2017 as part of Spotlight UK Circus and they will be joined by Tumble Circus (Unsuitable) in Avignon.

Founded in 1947, the Festival d’Avignon is one of the longest running and largest performing arts festivals in the world. The associated Festival OFF d’Avignon provides a showcase for cutting edge work and hosts over 3,000 artists and companies. Most recently it has seen a growth in circus focused venues and areas. The Circus Village is situated on Île de la Barthelasse – the island that traditionally hosts the circus big top during the festival period.

If you’re heading to the festival this summer we recommend you take the opportunity to see some of our all-time favourite artists – in addition to the ones that are part of Spotlight UK Circus of course!

In the main festival we recommend:

Kreatur by Sasha Waltz, 7 – 14 July

De Dingen Die Voorbijgaan by Ivo Van Hove, 14 – 21 July

Saison Sèche by Phia Menard. 17 – 24 July

At OFF, we recommend;

Arab Arts Focus curated by Crying Out Loud collaborator Nedjma Hadj, 16 – 24 July

Bruit de Couloir by Clement Dazin, 7 – 23 July

L’absolu by Boris Gibé, 10 – 22 July

The Occitanie fait son cirque en Avignon programme, especially

Intarsi by Cirque ‘eia’

Deixe-me by Mikel Ayala, Romain Delavoipière, Aude Martos and Maël Tebibi

Bon spectacle!