Successful UK tour for Barely Methodical Troupe

Adrenaline addicts, Barely Methodical Troupe are celebrating a successful tour of the UK. They performed Bromance to over 4,000 people at 13 venues across the UK in May. During the tour more than 300,000 people were reached on Facebook with 3,216 people actively engaging with information about the company. On Twitter, there were 174,000 impressions, with over 2.3% of people engaging with the content either by re-tweeting, clicking, favouriting or responding to the tweets. Over 7,500 people watched the company’s trailer on YouTube, while a whopping 41,000 watched the shorter version on Facebook.

What does all that mean? It means that the tour was a success, that audiences loved the show and that people are keen on the company. A massive boost for UK circus.

If you missed out on the action, check out our YouTube channel for more.