• Photo: Eero Alava

  • Photo: Eero Alava

  • Photo: Eero Alava

  • Photo: Eero Alava


Arriving with a caravan of hobby horses, two acrobats transform an empty stage into a charming circus with the help of a band of musicians.

This plucky circus troupe’s quirky show begins with a monkey playing guitar. Elephants and snakes are conjured out of thin air, twinkling soap bubbles float in half-light, an underwater diver flips and twists in front of your eyes. There is juggling, sword swallowing, hula hooping, acrobatics and clowning, all performed to live music.

Around  is a show in which the unimaginable is made possible. Captivating and performed with beautiful skill and artistry, it is perfect for little ones and their families.

Crying Out Loud is an Arts Award Supporter


  • 'Around is a wonderful contemporary circus piece for children - the performers clearly enjoyed themselves and performed with a twinkle in their eyes. Brilliant performance, highly recommended.'


  • 'Bubbles and breakdancing, music by a banana and a monkey...no need to re-invent the wheel, old tricks with new twists work well.'


  • Company Biography

    Born in 2008 out of Petri Tuominen’s, Rauli Kosonen’s and Kalle Lehto’s need to create an uncompromising, personal and completely new kind of contemporary circus, Race Horse Company’s rough-and-ready performances are based on the aesthetics of chaos, humour and surprise.

    The company approaches circus without questioning, leaving philosophy and thinking to the spectators. Since the very beginning, Race Horse Company has focused on touring, and their ultimate objective is no less than to take over the entire world.

    Crying Out Loud toured their previous highly acclaimed show Petit Mal.