• Photo: Karen Richardson

  • Photo: Karen Richardson

Music Boxes

Manchester International Festival 2011 and a mini city of shipping containers, Music Boxes,  springs up at MediaCityUK, the new home of BBC Children’s Television. Some containers are miniature performance spaces, some are specially adapted recording and animation studios. And some are kitted out as interactive installations allowing the very young to explore a fantasy world of sound and music.

Following the huge success of MIF’s previous children’s programmes, Music Boxes  is a musical playground specially designed for children. From jamming with fantastical new musical instruments, to opera for the under-twos, from making a DIY pop video to learning how to play the ukulele, Music Boxes is fourteen days of musical magic.


  • ‘The prospect of hanging out at a venue consisting of structures more readily associated with a major shipping terminal might sound terribly industrial. But Music Boxes’ real success is to make such spaces – more accustomed to holding cardboard boxes than immersive theatre, after all – seem like the most magical places on earth.’

    The National (Abu Dhabi)

  • Co-Producers

    Music Boxes  held at MediaCity UK, Salford in July 2011.

    Commissioned by MIF Creative, BBC, Salford City Council, Abu Dhabi Festival.

Produced by Manchester International Festival and CBeebies.

With support from Association of Greater Manchester Authorities