• Credit: Pascal Bouclier

  • Credit: Lysiane Dany-Ruinet

  • Credit: Pascal Bouclier


Cie TG / Thomas Guérineau
Mozambican & French

Maputo-Mozambique  is a juggling piece unlike any other.

Performed by 6 Mozambican artists, they use their incredible juggling skills to create a musically rhythmic show.  The balls become musical instruments and expertly manipulated plastic bags  create the soundtrack for a new kind of choreography.

Maputo-Mozambique  is a unique hybrid between a concert and a circus show. A new way to approach both art forms with thoughtfulness and elegance that will appeal to audience members of all ages.



  • 'A show that both mesmerises and rejoices'


  • 'A show with a unique personality'

    Sud Ouest

  • Background

    In August 2011, Thomas Gérineau was invited by the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre in Maputo to train a group of young Mozambican artists in the art of juggling.

    Astonished by the potential and the enthusiasm of his trainees, Thomas Guérineau decided, with the help of the CCFM to create professional show.

    Through 8 residencies of 3 to 5 weeks each, they created the current version of the show which premiered in 2013 at the Africolor Festival in Paris.

  • Key Target Markets


    Music and circus audiences

    People interested in African and European culture

  • Key Selling Points

    A unique performance mixing music and juggling

    Mozambican performers

    Great skills