• Photo: Vincent Beaume

  • Photo: Vincent Beaume

  • Photo: Vincent Beaume

  • Photo: Vincent Beaume


Directed by Claire Ruffin

L’Insomnante  the show
‘At night, sometimes, I can’t sleep. It rustles, it bustles without a face.
Just a swarming without a name, that won’t leave me alone. Nobody, nothing holds me. There is… but what? I feel insomnia creeping in inside of me and everywhere. I can’t get rid of her, get rid of myself. I stay there. Forced to but absent. Nowhere. In the staggering immobility. Seized, suspended, exhausted, until the morning comes. Sleep hits me then, but it is too late. Or too early. I need to go. In this overly bright day.’ Claire Ruffin

In L’Insomnante  three characters inhabit the space: an insomniac who is at war with her bed; a singer-cellist who accompanies her night-time wanderings and a strange presence who tries to help her to find sleep, whose identity is never revealed. It is light. It is dark. It is light again. The night is long as the search for sleep goes on and on. This visual, nearly wordless show is based on the physical, visceral sensations linked to insomnia. Physical theatre is mixed with live music, illusion, puppetry and the quirky manipulation of objects to create a unique and bizarre environment that is interspersed with moments of surreal humour.


  • ‘The fascinating odyssey of a sleepless sleeper who drags his sleep everywhere.’

    La Marseillaise

  • About

    Claire Ruffin is the artistic director of L’Insomnante, with whom she has created a show of the same name and the sister project, Dormez-vous? In between sleepless nights she has worked with Groupe o, Mozkai Theatre in Grenoble, Teatr Box Office in Warsaw, Company Monsieur Madame in Toulouse and Company Lamereboitel in Marseille. She tried to rid herself of her fear of sleeplessness by creating L’Insomnante.

  • Why Book This Show

    Key Selling Points
    • Moving and engaging subject that people can relate to easily
    • Highly imaginative and visually arresting show
    • Reputable artists & co-producers
    • High production values
    • High skilled perfomers

    Key Target Markets
    • Physical theatre
    • Dance
    • Families
    • Circus attenders
    • People looking for something different

  • Co-producers

    City of Marseille, French Ministère de la Communication et de la Culture, Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur