• Photo: José Caldeira

  • Photo:: Luka Dakskobler

  • Photo: Simon Richardson

  • Photo: Lee Carter

Currency 2015

Currency 2015  is an annual festival of experimental European work that blurs the borders between dance, performance art and contemporary circus.

Its featured artists are unified by their daring attitude to finding new ways of telling stories and breaking from convention using movement and performance.

Currency 2015  provides Londoners with a rare opportunity to see companies at the forefront of the European cross-disciplinary scene.

Each evening offers you the chance to be inspired by the best fresh ideas from the edge of European performance, to immerse yourself in shows that defy convention, to connect with the new.

This year also sees the launch of  Currency TV  offering audiences even more ways to experience the spirit of collaboration, innovation and creativity that is the hallmark of  Currency.

Broadcast times:

Wednesday 4 Nov | 7.45-10.30pm

Saturday 7 Nov | 7.45-10.30pm

Wednesday 11 Nov | 7.45-10.30pm

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  • 'I left The Place feeling a new sense of vitality touched by both pieces and happy that the work performed matched the description of what Currency looks to bring - the best in performance work from across Europe.'

    The Wonderful World of Dance (Currency 2014)

  • 'The adventurous four day Currency festival aims for the quirky in its mix of dance and circus acts from across Europe.'

    DanceTabs (Currency 2014)

  • 'Each piece examines the sometimes fruitful, sometimes difficult moment when thinking meets body, when the attempt to articulate in language is overtaken by the living, breathing being, the physicality of utterance.'

    Bellyflop Magazine (Currency 2013)

  • 'They might not speak the same language but these European artists have created a unified and revealing avant-garde dialect of their own which is fresh-thinking, ambitious, and somehow succeeds.'

    Camden New Journal (Currency 2013)

  • Currency TV

    This year, we offer audiences even more ways to experience the festival spirit of collaboration, innovation and creativity. Currency TV  will broadcast the performances on the night inter-spliced with extra content from participating companies. The schedule for Saturday is as follows, click on the movie player on this page to watch:

    Online schedule GMT

    Weds 11 November 7.45pm – 10.30pm

    7.45pm: Currency TV feature

    8pm: Field  Tabea Martin

    8.40pm: Contraption Creation Film by Matt Pang

    9pm: Long Shot PanGottic

    9.30pm: Hu(r)ma Marco da Silva Ferreira

    10.30pm: Fin

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    Previous Currency TV live streams are available on The Place YouTube channel.

    Weds 4 Nov: Pangottic, Anders Duckworth & Defracto

    Sat 7 Nov: Natalie Reckert, Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb

  • PanGottic • Anders Duckworth • Defracto

    Long Shot  by PanGottic

    Long shot (noun): an attempt or undertaking that offers much, but in which there is little chance for success.

    Using circus, handcrafted contraptions and the audience’s guidance, PanGottic brings to life one man’s belief in the near impossible, the almost unachievable and the highly unlikely. Fingers crossed.

    Long Shot is a new performance by Matt Pang.

    Projected  by Anders Duckworth

    Two characters have emerged from the world of celluloid. Seeing their projected memories realised unearths questions of what is 2D or 3D, fantasy or reality.

    A collaboration between Anders Duckworth and sound artist Chris Edwards, Projected  draws inspiration from our brief relationship with the celluloid image and our ability to understand a string of still images as a real universe.

    Flaque  by Defracto

    In Flaque, Defracto wittily illustrate their passion for juggling, treating it as a rhythmic discipline that flirts with dance and absurd humour. Precise, flexible and virtuosic, they display dazzling vitality. Bodies fall more often than balls do and the aim of catching is the impulse for any move. This is juggling as it should be; challenging, fresh, raw and full of finesse.

  • Natalie Reckert • Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb

    Image  by Natalie Reckert

    Voguing meets electro-robotics in Natalie Reckert’s highly skilled solo, a proper fusion of hand balancing and dance. Innovative and inventive, Image  is an outstanding feat of handstand endurance.

    If the German electronic band Kraftwerk made circus it would look something like this.

    Chivalry is Dead  by Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb

    Alex Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb, in full body armour, question the prevalence of knightly valour and blood-splattered fantasy in TV and gaming. With no horse, no damsels, no enemies – how can they keep up their medieval ideas of morals and manliness? Must chivalry come to a clanking halt?

  • Tony Adigun & Inua Ellams • Tabea Martin • Marco da Silva Ferreira

    Any Given Night  by Tony Adigun & Inua Ellams

    Using repetition, poetry, movement and sound, Any Given Night explores where narrative, symbolism, imagery and story intersect. It develops a new partnership between writer Inua Ellams (Black T-Shirt Collection) and choreographer Tony Adigun (The Black Album), as they text out and play with the connections between the shows they make.

    (Work in progress)

    Field  by  Tabea Martin

    Three bodies. One field. The 100 best love songs. They long for something to happen, for some explosion. They search fiercely for love, for affection, for recognition. Startlingly athletic and dynamic, this trio are a battlefield. Limbs tangle like tentacles, as the dancers cling to and struggle with each other. The more they are together, the more they feel alone.

    Hu(r)mano  by Marco da Silva Ferreira

    Hu(r)mano  creates a world of ever-shifting relationships between four dancers. The dancers’ fluent popping exposes beauty, awkwardness, connection and alienation. Expressive depths are opened up in an otherwise abstract and bare world as we connect with the individual characters and moods of the dancers.

  • Co-producers

    Co-presented by The Place and Crying Out Loud in partnership with the European Commission Representation in the UK and supported by EUNIC London with the help of Institut Français du Royaume-Uni