• Credit: Alex Hinchcliffe

  • Credit: Alex Hinchcliffe

  • Credit: Alex Hinchcliffe

  • Credit: Alex Hinchcliffe

  • Credit: Alex Hinchcliffe



Attached  is about two guys: one is incredibly strong and the other is tiny and bendy. It tells the story of their relationship, their constant competition and the support they need from each other to keep going higher. Surrounded by stadium lighting with various contraptions dotting the stage, the performers’ Velcro-suited bodies make contact and are cleaved apart with that recognisable rip, providing an unexpected delight. As the performers’ interactions escalate, the idea of attachment is explored in many forms.

Ultimately, everything and everyone—including the audience—is attached.

Attached  features humour, audience participation and impressive circus skills: acrobatics (including never seen before tricks using a bespoke piece of equipment), teeterboard and object manipulation. The striking lighting design adds even more production value to make an incredible night out.

Attached is a 60 min circus show for all age groups over the age of 7, that can also be marketed as an adult show.


Please note that Magnus, one of the original cast members, has moved on. Massimiliano Rossetti (Lost In Translation), an Italian artist based in London, has now taken on his role. Updated pictures and trailer will be soon available to support the tour.


  • 'An explosive duet'

    Ouest France

  • 'Extremely funny, terribly endearing'

    Le Parisien

  • Artist Biography

    Magmanus Company is a Swedish circus company founded in 2009 by the Franco-Norwegian duo Manu Tiger and Magnus Bjoru.

    Their first show Magmanus has toured extensively around the world. You may have caught them at Out There festival in Great Yarmouth in 2011.

    Attached is their second creation which premiered in Stockholm in 2013.

    “Our vision of the company is to spread happiness and inspire our audience to follow their dreams. We know this is a very big challenge to accomplish by performing arts, but we believe it´s important to sett our goals high and we think the combination of impressive circus skills, humor and the intensive interaction with the audience on stage is a very good toolbox to deliver the message we believe in.”


  • Why book this show

    Great Production Values

    Never seen before circus tricks


    Impressive and poetic

    Very funny

  • Key target markets

    Adults looking for a fun night out

    Families with children over the age of 7

    Circus and visual theatre audiences