• Credit: Rémy Masseglia

  • Credit: Eni Kim

  • Credit: Aymée Hamon

These Books Are Made For Walking

In a deserted and old-fashioned library two people with an unusual fondness for books meet and embark upon a playful journey.

Plunging themselves deep into the richness and depth of books, the two characters play with fiction. Books are reconstructed to become headdresses and slippers, paper planes fly through the air, books are consumed, and piled high to become a precarious landscape.

These Books Are Made For Walking is a delightfully inventive piece of physical theatre created by Bikes and Rabbits, who mix circus skills and theatre to create daring and highly original work.


  • 'Punchy and unapologetic' on Triptych


  • 'Triptych is a thought-provoking concept with an exuberant centre'