What we do and why

Crying Out Loud are creative producers bringing memorable experiences from extraordinary visual theatre makers to audiences of all ages and abilities.

From July 2023, Crying Out Loud embarked on an ambitious three-year programme of work in partnership with Third Version Creative

What we do

We are pooling our combined experience as… Read more

How We work

Our new model brings together the collective experience and interests of Crying Out Loud and Third Version Creative, as two UK based producers and programmers of innovative and international artworks, performances and creative projects. Over the next 3 years our joint programme will focus attention on the Solent area along with spaces, places and people nationally and… Read more


Founded in 2002 by Rachel Clare, COL nurtures both projects and individuals. Depending on the artist and the project, COL tailors its work to their work. COL has blazed a trail in new ways of thinking about contemporary performance for audiences of all ages. COL’s approach has evolved over the years, but has always maintained an aesthetic… Read more

Who’s who

Crying Out Loud has a small, agile staff team, a dedicated group of trustees, a long-term programme partner, and an invaluable wider team of freelancers and partners.