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About Crying Out Loud

Rummaging through theatres, studios, rehearsal rooms and workshops across the globe, Crying Out Loud is a creative producer with a thirst for discovering and championing new and memorable work for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Founded in 2002, we have always worked with extraordinary artists to bring their work to realisation – from the hatching of an idea through to a finished production on the international circuit. Our specialism is in visual, non-text based work, often in the fields of circus, physical theatre and installation, and we produce performances and one-off events for festivals, venues and site-specific locations in the UK, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East.

We have been instrumental in developing partnerships in the UK and Europe. Since its inception, Crying Out Loud has worked with a wide range of international theatre-makers including: French artists James Thierrée / Compagnie du Hanneton, Collectif AOC, Compagnie XY, CirkVOST, Jeanne Mordoj, Compangie Non Nova, Capilotractées, L’Insomnante, Camille Boitel, Aurélia Thierrée and Victoria Thierrée, Company BettiCombo, and Circa Tsuica; Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger from Morocco; Italy’s Company TPO; Race Horse Company from Finland; and Laika and Inne Goris from Belgium.

We have also developed the careers and practice of a variety of UK based artists and companies including: Pirates of the Carabina, Niki McCretton, Stopgap Dance Company, Acrojou, Sophia Clist, Layla Rosa, Marawa the Amazing, Iona Kewney, Maresa von Stockert, and Barely Methodical Troupe.

Over the years, and across a variety of projects, Crying Out Loud has been a producer, a curator, an advocate, and a network leader – but always with an enthusiasm for the new and the nascent, a commitment to the unique nature of each artistic process, and the belief that there is an audience for high quality visual theatre everywhere.