• Credit: Eni Kim

  • Credit: Rémy Masseglia

  • Credit: Eni Kim

  • Credit: Aymée Hamon

These Books Are Made For Walking

Alice Allart / Company Bikes & Rabbits
UK & France

Following her highly successful debut, Triptych, Alice Allart is back with another wordless physical theatre gem: These Books Are Made For Walking.

“We plunge ourselves deep into the pile – the weight and words of books – to create a Borgesian world of balletic babel. We address what might be contained within them as they dress us : books become ruff, headdress and slipper in this playful physical encounter. Books are read, trod upon, turned and tuned. Books support us, shelter us and carry us from one place to another”

These Books Are Made for Walking is a wordless journey, two performers balance between the lines in this barmy bibliophilic skills based show that is ludic, lyrical and literary.

These Books Are Made for Walking has been developed to tour in theatres and in libraries (there are 2 different technical riders, ask us for more details).
It is suitable for all age groups.

The company plan to work with a team of ASD specialists to offer relaxed performances for children and young people on the autistic spectrum.


  • 'Punchy and unapologetic' on Triptych


  • 'Triptych is a thought-provoking concept with an exuberant centre'


  • Artist Biography

    Alice Allart is a young circus artists who specialises in trick cycling, slack rope and object manipulation. She is strongly influenced by visual art, cinema and literature, which gives her work a strong visual identity.

    French born, she pursued her training at the National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA) in London where she graduated in 2010. Since then she has toured with international companies (Stumble Dance Circus, Keziah Serreau, Ilmatila, Osborne&What) as well as creating work under her own name with her company Bikes and Rabbits.

    Her first piece, Tryptich (2013), which has toured internationally, was a solo mixing of trick cycling, slack rope and object manipulation.

    Crying Out Loud is supporting and developing Alice’s artistic practice, and helping to expose her to a wider UK and international audience. She will also create work for Opening Out, our strand or work dedicated to children on the autistic spectrum.

  • Why book this show

    An ingenious take on books

    Quirky object manipulation

    Different versions available for theatres and libraries

    Link to literacy programmes

    Relaxed performance available on demand

  • Key target markets


    Books and literature lovers

    Circus and visual theatre audiences

    Relaxed performances available on demand