Jeanne Mordoj Residency at Kings College Institute

Posted on: 4 Nov 2014

Associate Artist Jeanne Mordoj will be at Kings College Institute for one week in late November working with, amongst others, a PHD student in the French department who is studying Irish avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director and poet Samuel Beckett and the use of eggs in his work.

Throughout Beckett’s oeuvre, characters often crave the life-giving comfort of eggs. For… Read more

Currency 2014

Currency festival-anything but common

Posted on: 4 Nov 2014

If you are making your way along the Euston Road from the west, on your way to The Place, you might be distracted by the extraordinary spectacle of four caryatids, staring in epic if vacant fashion out from the side of a church (St Pancras New Church, if you were wondering). Given what happens at The Place, one of… Read more

Updating Circus Timeline

Posted on: 4 Nov 2014

Taking its starting point in the community and social circus movements of the late 1960s, Crying Out Loud’s visual timeline marks a selection of the pivotal companies and events from four decades of UK contemporary circus.

Circus Timeline starts in 1968 with Welfare State International and currently ends in 2012 with Piccadilly Circus Circus. It needs updating. We would like… Read more