Shows for audiences of all ages this Christmas

Daring to be different at a time when work for the young was seen to be secondary, Crying Out Loud blazed a trail in new ways of thinking about contemporary performance for audiences of all ages. We believe that there is an audience for high quality visual theatre amongst all age groups and in all corners of the country.

Rachel Clare and the Crying Out Loud team are always out and about seeing what’s on offer for universal audiences. These are just some of the family shows we’ve booked to see this Christmas.

Antarctica by Little Bulb

Battersea Arts Centre, 2 December – 4 January

Described by The Guardian as ‘deliciously comic’ and ‘a magical show’, Little Bulb’s Antarctica is an enchanting show for children aged 2-6 and their families. Join the Explorers’ Club to be whisked away on an unforgettable journey to the South Pole with songs, puppets and plenty of snowy surprises.

The Possible Impossible House by Forced Entertainment

Barbican, 17-28 December

Forced Entertainment have confounded conventions and exploded audience expectations for the past 30 years. This is the first work they have created for young people and their families. In the library of The Possible Impossible House, a doodle of a girl springs from the blank page of an algebra book. She is going to take you on an adventure through labyrinthine corridors, a deserted ballroom and a cupboard under the stairs. On the way you will meet a motley crew of characters including an army of dancing soldiers. Suitable for young people and their families.

Variety Soup by Slightly Fat Features

Leicester Square Theatre, 15-29 December

Gasp in wonder, laugh until your belly hurts and gorge yourself on a smorgasbord of theatrical invention. This is Variety Soup, a unique comedy show stuffed with circus tricksters, original live music, magical moments, crazy illusion, spontaneous madness and laughs for all ages, shapes and sizes. Think Monty Python meets Cirque du Soleil. Suitable for anyone who likes laughing at silly antics!

The Elves and the Shoemaker by Silly Boys

Colchester Arts Centre, 23 December-4 January

A hilarious, wacky and heartwarming take on some of the world’s favourite fairytales. Find out what happened to the jolly old shoemaker, discover the dreadful fate of the Gingerbread Man and laugh in astonishment at The Emperor’s New Clothes.   A magical new Christmas show that combines puppetry, live music and a giant dose of silliness. Brought to you by the silliest boys on earth! Suitable for all the family and friends.