FACE connections USA

FACE members are in the USA at the American Performing Arts Presenters Conference (APAP) – one of the world’s largest gatherings of arts professionals. The visit is aimed at developing cooperation between US networks – IETM and On The Move members have joined their FACE colleagues in New York.

In conjunction with APAP, Circus Now is presenting its first ever circus showcase, Circus Now: International Circus Exposure 2015. On for three nights, the showcase will feature nine international companies, each performing a full length work to an audience of international promoters and the New York City public. Representing the UK, Ockham’s Razor will be performing Every Action.

The showcase aims to offer exciting artists and companies the opportunity to perform in New York, to develop relationships with industry professionals, to give New York audiences the opportunity to see some of the world’s finest contemporary circus artists, to broaden the public perception of contemporary circus, and to promote circus as an art form worthy of exposure.

Circus Now is billed as another step in waking America up to the exciting state of circus today.