Cantina (9:02)

Circus Post is a series of short films made by Crying Out Loud and film-maker Deborah May contextualising the development of contemporary circus over the past 40 years.

A twist on the 1930’s wrings out the darker passions and tensions that lie within that era’s entertainment.

Australian production  Cantina takes the gaily enjoyable 1930s aesthetic familiar to cabaret and repeatedly twists it, exposing the darker passions and tensions that lie within the era’s decadent entertainments.

A woman delicately tiptoes on the open mouths of champagne bottles, then walks with less care (as well as stiletto heels) over the body of a naked man. We see a re-enactment of an old ‘toss the girl’ routine, partner dances turned sour, and sudden fights between lovers – the jolly ragtime mood bleeding out into a low, heavy atmosphere of threat.

The film ends with one of the standout solos from the show – blind corde lisse performed high on a black rope by the extraordinary Mozes.