• Blame Game Unlimited Alice Underwood
  • Blame Game Unlimited Alice Underwood
  • Blame Game Unlimited Alice Underwood
  • Blame Game Unlimited Alice Underwood

Blame Game Unlimited at 101 Outdoor Arts

A big thanks to 101 Outdoor Arts, Corn Exchange Newbury’s dedicated creation space for outdoor arts, who hosted a fantastic 11 day residency for Kundle Cru. The artists were allowed to experiment and test new ideas for their indoor piece Blame Game and to explore the possibility of an outdoor version Blame Game Unlimited.

The group (formerly Human Collective and Rough Connections) spent the time exchanging skills and teaching each other their own tricks. Alongside the artists we also invited a select group of collaborators including a number of Roundhouse Young Creatives, members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, a movement director (Aline David), a composer (Greg Szczerek), a dance educator and DOCH PhD (Marian Lindgren) and a circus performer and aerial rigger (Barnz Munn). 

Video-maker Alice Underwood captured the essence of this unique, creative residency, please watch the footage here and read on to hear from Danielle Corbishley, Head of 101 & Outdoor Programmes at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.

In September 2019 we were very pleased to be able to support Blame Game Unlimited, nominated by Crying Out Loud through our 101 SEEDBED residency scheme. Over a an exciting 2 week residential period at our fabrication & rehearsal facility company members Matt Szczerek, Alessio Motta, Tim Kakeeto, Jack Bain and Lu Wong with composer Greg Szczerek explored a diverse mix of new approaches to creating work for outdoors.

Interested in exploring the intersections of urban dance styles, acrobatics, juggling and Chinese Pole the technically skilled performers filled every moment of their time at 101 with energetic, playful and thoughtful investigation resulting in some impressive and stimulating new discovery and discussion around movement languages.

The process was also enriched through additional workshop days with the London Philharmonic Orchestra exploring musical improvisation and the Roundhouse Street Circus Collective, an opportunity to disseminate and share learning through a training day with young performers.

This was a hugely rewarding SEEDBED residency for 101, a fast paced, fresh, jam packed 2 weeks where it is clear that our resources have been able to support a very exciting new project. We look forward to continuing our relationship and following the journey.

Danielle Corbishley, Head of 101 & Outdoor Programmes, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

Crying Out Loud is committed to providing artists with opportunities to develop their artistic practice, make connections and initiate collaborations. Residencies are bespoke and developed in conjunction with each artist. Residencies for Associate Artists Pirates of the Carabina, Iona Kewney and Jeanne Mordoj have taken place at Lighthouse Poole, Farnham Maltings, La brèche and Kings College Institute.