• Photo: Arthur Bramao

  • Photo: Milan Szypura

  • Photo: Milan Szypura

Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe Residency

Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe was originally a two-year French project aimed at supporting young artists at the early stages of their career to develop new work. It was recognised as a successful platform for developing artforms, artists and performances and in 2009/10 it became a Europe-wide initiative.

With funding from the European Commission (Culture Programme), Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe (JTCE) brought together co-organisers and associated partners from across the continent to assist in artistic research for the creation of new performance through practical and financial support with a focus on projects that mixed circus with other artforms. The organisers were grouped into ‘poles’, with Crying Out Loud leading the UK pole, acting as the main contact point for UK artists and residencies with Circus Futures being the associated partner.

Following a call for projects across Europe, 151 applications were whittled down to 10 all of which demonstrated a singular and original vision, and received support from JTCE; either financial or with residencies, artistic encounters, administrative assistance or production advice. Selected applicants were then asked to present 20 minute completed extracts, the first step towards their future performance.

Under the Pipped at the Post scheme, Crying Out Loud provided bespoke training and mentoring opportunities for the UK companies who did not reach the final shortlist to help them develop. These included coaching and mentoring from performance professionals who we matched with the needs of each company.

Crying Out Loud hosted residencies for two of the finalists; De Fracto and Subliminati Corporation. The opportunity to work in a different country in a space fully adapted to the requirements of circus arts, was a positive experience, widening the artists’ pool of influence and allowing for a dedicated period for creation.

De Fracto were hosted by Stratford Circus and worked with Emma Bernard. Subliminati Corporation were hosted at Toynbee Studios and worked with Aletta Collins and Bijan Sheibani to support the development in their narrative and storytelling skills.

UK finalist Kecca Rocca went to both Espace Périphérique in Paris and to Circomedia in Bristol to work with Rob Tannion


  • “JTCE is one of the rare initiatives which opens the way to a professional network at a European level. It is also one of the few projects which gives support adapted to each artistic production and to the current environment of the artform and industry.”

    Subliminati Corporation, JTCE Laureates