Thanks to these invaluable past members of the team:

Anne Engel – interim General Manager in 2009, Anne continues to freelance and works as the UK Coordinator for PASS Circus Channel.

Daniel Pitt – one of two Jerwood bursary Assistant Producers in 2010 and is now interim joint Circus Producer at London’s Roundhouse. Amongst other projects Daniel worked on Piccadilly Circus Circus and The Blender Project.

Elodie Peltier – began as Project Manager in 2009 and now works with 2R2C.

Emma Gladstone was Co-Director at Crying Out Loud in the very beginning, she is now Artistic Director and Chief Executive at Dance Umbrella and our neighbour here at Somerset House!

Hannah Bruce

Jessica Choi we shared with DV8, also as a Fundraiser, she is now Development Manager at One Dance UK

Jo Hammett came to us from Artsadmin in 2006, she is now working in the Theatre team at Arts Council England

Julia Carruthers worked with us in 2010 and is currently Artistic Director at Warwick Arts Centre

Katerina Pavlakis running KAPA Productions

Marie Remy the General Manager at Ample Play Records

Molly Nicholson joined us in 2010 as a Jerwood bursary Assistant Producer and is now interim joint Circus Producer at London’s Roundhouse (see Daniel above!). Molly also works as Lead Producer with the artist Scottee.

Pam Vision currently working with Arts Council England

Philippa Barr now an Artsadmin Development Associate, was our General Manager in 2010

Robin Peters is Festival Director at Shooting Roots, he worked with us as our Fundraiser

Ruth Lilley the Financial Manager at Performing-Arts



Thanks to these companies, freelancers, interns and placements:

Alexandra Longeot returned to France

Annette Telesford

B&B Studio

Cat Ladd

Céline Gaubert currently working with Akram Khan Company

Denise Jones a writer and project manager

Edie La Porta-Carr who has moved on to Stratford Circus Arts Centre,

Flora Herberich is running Circus Now and Square Peg

Helena Baptista at London’s V&A and Holloway Prison

Jake Orr who has a portfolio career in theatre as a producer and commentator

Jenny Minton

Jo Skapinker who specialises in inclusive practice and sensory theatre

Julia Branché

Leah Townley a theatre director

Kate Laird co-producer with Copperdollar

Kath Gorman at Cork Midsummer Festival

Katy Fuller who runs Pinwheel in the North East

Lizzy Ferguson formerly of the Royal Opera House and now Company Administrator with NoFit State

Mark Wilson

Natasha Lewis

Richard Haughton

Riku Lievonen Director at Helsinki’s Cirko

Saba Burali returned to Italy after working with Artichoke

Solène Marié currently working with Cheek by Jowl

Spencer Noll, theatre director

Stella Tachtara now at International Olympic Academy, Athens

Steve Ehrlicher