• Credit: Petter Hellman

  • Credit: Petter Hellman

  • Credit: Petter Hellman

  • Credit: Petter Hellman

Super Sunday

Race Horse Company

Following the storming success of Petit Mal,  Race Horse Company makes a triumphant return to the UK with Super Sunday.

A high energy and immensely fun circus show, it takes the Company’s trademark skills of jaw-dropping acrobatics and irreverence, to a whole new level.

Set in a surreal amusement park, Race Horse Company takes you on a journey from utter despair to an idea of heaven. On the way, you will witness human catapults, a wheel of death, daredevil acrobatics and dark humour, as Super Sunday  pokes fun at society in the 21st century.

Suitable for all audiences aged 12 years and over.


  • 'Rare daredevil skills', 'rousingly comic, charmingly human'

    The Stage

  • 'Electric wild and uncontrollable... '

    The Guardian on Petit Mal

Previous Projects

  • Company Biography

    Born in 2008 out of Petri Tuominen’s, Rauli Kosonen’s and Kalle Lehto’s need to create uncompromising, personal and completely new kind of contemporary circus, Race Horse Company’s rough-and-ready performances are based on aesthetics of chaos, humour and surprise.

    The company approaches circus without questioning, leaving philosophy and thinking to the spectators. Since the very beginning, Race Horse Company has focused on touring, and their ultimate objective is no less than to take over the entire world.

    Crying Out Loud toured their previous show Petit Mal  to great acclaim.

  • Why book this show

    Great production values

    Jaw-dropping acrobatics

    Rare opportunity to see an international company

    Impressive circus skills

    Darkly funny and irreverent

  • Key target markets

    Adults looking for a fun night out

    Families with children over the age of 8 years

    Circus and visual theatre audiences

    People looking for something different