• Photo: Phile Deprez

  • Photo: Phile Deprez

  • Photo: Phile Deprez


Award-winning Belgian company Laika celebrated and combined the worlds of music and food in this culinary concert to satisfy ears, eyes and appetites  Patatboem. Cordon bleu chefs and virtuoso musicians sang, sliced, chopped and chanted their way through a pile of raw ingredients and jazz riffs to compose a meal before our very eyes. Tasting was the final act. A sell-out success.

Patatboem  was shown at London’s Riverside Studios in June 2006.


  • 'A marvellous scarlet kitchen is in the round and the evening is spent watching – agog – as the cast cook us a meal. Their music involves accordion, knives, clarinet, saucepans, scissors, flame, cucumbers, double bass… ‘Jamming’ is too tame a word for what they do. And besides, jam is not one of their ingredients.'

    The Observer

  • 'A man chops lemons, producing great arcs of juice; another fries meat, creating jets of flame… All this activity would be interesting in itself – what is most remarkable is that they also produce a tasty meal.'

    Financial Times