• Race Horse Company

  • Photo: Kungen Kosonen

  • Photo: Jouni Ihalainen

  • Photo: Saana Kotila


Motosikai  (moto-seek-eye) is a unique, outdoor show performed around a transit van by Race Horse Company, the renowned Finnish circus artists with a reputation for madcap brilliance.

Three daredevil acrobats appear and disappear from the van to perform increasingly absurd and reckless tricks. With great skill and humour they fly off a huge seesaw, tumble with giant bouncing balls, juggle on skis, pogo, throw weights and push themselves to their physical limits.

With its boyish clowning, exuberance and daring, Motosikai  is a fun street stunt show that leaves its audiences exhilarated.

The tour of Motosikai is part of the nationwide celebrations for Circus250, the anniversary of the birth of the modern-day circus in London.



  • This show boasts plenty of skilled and highly watchable acts.

    The Guardian (Race Horse Company)

  • Company Biography

    Born in 2008 out of Petri Tuominen’s, Rauli Kosonen’s and Kalle Lehto’s need to create an uncompromising, personal and completely new kind of contemporary circus, Race Horse Company’s rough-and-ready performances are based on the aesthetics of chaos, humour and surprise.

    The company approaches circus without questioning, leaving the philosophy and thinking to the audience. Since the beginning, Race Horse Company has focused on touring, and their ultimate objective is nothing less than global domination.

    Crying Out Loud has toured their previous hit shows Petit Mal,  Super Sunday  and Around.

  • Circus250

    2018 is the 250th anniversary of Philip and Patty Astley’s first modern circus ring in London. The Astley’s circuses travelled widely and Philip Astley included many disciplines and styles of performance in his shows. His spectacles were a place for audiences to meet forces that were shaping the world around them. This global, social relevance married with accessibility, drove circus deep into the cultural consciousness.