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Kindur  the adventurous life of Icelandic sheep. Discover a stunning Icelandic world through TPO’s award winning digital technology and multimedia.

Icelandic for ‘sheep’ Kindur  sees three adventurous woolly mammals accompany you on a voyage through the extremes of the Atlantic and its seasons.  In Kindur  you will meet trolls and elves, travel through wild moor land, run over glaciers or peek inside northern lights and geysers.  Listen to the rumbling of a gigantic waterfall and run inside a blazing volcano as Iceland’s spectacular landscapes form the backdrop to an intensely visual geological journey.


  • ‘If your heart lights up, your turn has come to join the group of sheep travelling through the mysterious and cold lands of Iceland’

    Fabrizio Pecori, My Media

  • ‘Great fun on multiple levels, and a love letter to the gift of our bodies’ senses, Kindur offers insights to participants of all ages.'

    Michelle Wang, Time Out Chigago

  • ‘We have been enjoying some elegant dance played out in front of hi-tech video projections by Italy’s Compagnia TPO, when suddenly the focus shifts to the audience. On the way in, everyone has been given a woolly ball to pin to their chest – now they start to glow. We realise we are not merely observers in ‘the adventurous life of sheep in Iceland’, but participants: it’s a signal to bleat or wave or, for selected audience members, join the flock on stage to do battle with the Icelandic elements, from melting ice sheets to smouldering volcanoes.'

    Mark Fisher, The Guardian

  • ‘However we define this show, though, it makes a memorable experience, for children aged six and over. ‘I want to see it more!’ piped one girl, as the lights came up; and from young theatregoers, there’s no higher praise than that.'

    Joyce McMillan, The Scostman

  • Co-Producers

    Kindur  toured the UK in May and June 2012 to Scotland’s Eden Court, Pavilion Dance Bournemouth, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Corby’s the Core, Spalding’s South Holland Centre, Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts Centre, Ireland’s Droichead Arts Centre, Draiocht Arts Centre and Cork Midsummer Festival and Norway’s Festspillene.

    Compagnia TPO in co-production with Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana