• Credit: Alice Underwood

  • Photo: Alice Underwood

  • Credit: Alice Underwood

  • Credit: Alice Underwood

GEN 20:20

Far From The Norm
UK & Korea

GEN 20:20 is a new work by Far From The Norm, an experimental dance company that takes a fresh perspective on hip hop dance theatre.

Today, humans are forcing intimacy, faking connections and falsifying interactions. We need to face the legacy we are creating for future generations. If we continue to serve ourselves, and our narcissistic ways, we risk destroying a world that has the capacity to outlive us all. It is time to switch off, reject the algorithms and reconnect to the light of nature.

Far From The Norm has collaborated with four Korean dancers to create a serious and pioneering work borne out of an intercultural exchange between South Korean and UK artists. We invite you to GEN 20:20 which challenges the current norms and invites audiences to return to a world of intuition.


  • Theatrical complexity and hip hop artistry, diluted with experimentation.

    Londondance (on Far From The Norm)

  • Botis' political, theatrical and experimental take on hip hop might just make him the next big thing.

    Evening Standard


    Founded by Artistic Director Botis Seva and established in May 2009, Far From The Norm is a collective of dance artists renowned for experimenting with hip hop and tackling socio-political concerns.

    The Company’s work includes theatre performances, outdoor spectacles and immersive experiences that challenge and inspire their audiences. They are committed to producing evocative, authentic work by taking audiences on a visceral journey whilst presenting conceptual yet compelling truths.


    Artistic Director & Choreographer: Botis Seva
    Performers: (Far From The Norm) Ezra Owen, Joshua Nash, Lee Griffiths, Naïma Sauhaïr, Shangomola Edunjobi, Victoria Shulungu and (Korean dancers) Jinyoung Park, Hanchul Sung, Hosik Yang and Bora Yeon
    Music composer: Torben Lars Sylvest
    Lighting design: Antony Hateley
    Far From The Norm producer: Lee Griffiths

    Co-commissioned by Crying Out Loud (UK) and Producer Group DOT (Korea)
    Produced by SiDance, Producer Group DOT and Crying Out Loud

    This project forms part of a program of activity supported by the Arts Councils of England and Korea to encourage an exchange of practice, ideas and skills between the two countries with the ambition of creating long term, collaborative relationships between artists and the communities around the world.