• Photo: Virginie Schreyen

  • Photo: Virginie Schreyen

  • Photo: Virginie Schreyen


Join musician Bert Bernaerts and comedian Rudi Galindo as they lead children through an interactive expedition into a universe of music.

Feedback  uses electronics, new technologies and everyday actions performed by some of the audience – cycling, jumping, drawing – leading to unexpected results, and soon the air is filled with an interactive visual concert.

One of the highlights of The Great Indoors  at Manchester International Festival in 2007, Feedback  won the prestigious Young Audience Music Award from the European Youth and Music Organisation.

  • Co-Producers

    Feedback  came to London’s Hackney Empire and artsdepot as part of City Circ in 2009.

    Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with Steim. Commissioned and supported by: Philharmonie – Luxemburg, Luxemburg 2007, Musik Triennale Köln, Manchester International Festival, Jeunesse Austria.