• Photo: Jean-Pierre Estournet

  • Photo: Jean-Pierre Estournet

  • Photo: Jean-Pierre Estournet

  • Photo: Jean-Pierre Estournet


Extrêmités, Extension, Inextremiste

Precariously balanced corrugated iron, wooden planks and propane gas cylinders provide the playground for these three madcap acrobats in Extrêmités; one of whom is in a wheelchair. Always in danger of collapse, the cylinders pitching and rolling beneath their feet, their search for balance is suffocatingly tense.

Extension  features the same 3 performers from Extrêmités, but this time the character in the wheelchair uses a digger to seek revenge. Slapstick humour and surrealist tomfoolery for all ages.

A laugh out loud solo performance on a trampoline.


  • ‘You could feel the energy surging equally out of both the perfomers and those who were atching - astounded. As the performance progressed further I’m sure that I can’t be the only one who was holding their breath as the moments of white-hot heat and almost suffocating tension, unfolded before us.’

    Disability Arts Online

  • ‘Extrêmités is an entertaining, perky balancing act, the one that leaves amazement behind.’


  • ‘Cirque Inextremiste’s Extrêmités is a very different prospect, but exerts a similar charm. It hardly seems possible that you could make a comedy trampoline show about a suicide bomber and get the audience on your side as you attempt toblow yourself up, but Cirque Inextrémiste managed it with distinction. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show quite like it before.’

    Total Theatre, Inextrémiste

  • About

    Cirque Inextremiste is a new company comprising highly skilled, hand-to-hand acrobats. What make them so special is their mixed physical abilities and their unique talent to mix humour and high energy with clever technical tricks. Inextremiste, their first creation, is a small-scale show that has proved to be highly popular and it was followed by Extrêmités  and Extension;  all three shows have toured extensively in Europe.

  • Why Book This Show

    Key Selling Points
    ·  Energetic
    ·  Funny
    ·  Highly Skilled
    ·  Spectacular
    ·  Rare chance to see international contemporary circus work

    Key Target Markets
    ·  Families: Extrêmités and Extensions are suitable for 6+, teenagers will love it. Inextremistes is suitable for 3+
    ·  Circus, physical theatre attenders
    ·  People looking for something different
    ·  Francophiles
    ·  People interested in non-text based work
    Disability groups