Dan Zanes and Friends

Dan Zanes and Friends  offers under 10s the chance to experience their first proper gig in the hands of a real live rock star. Dan Zanes’ unique rock & roll take, on family entertainment has won big and little fans across the globe.

Adoring kids and thankful parents throughout the USA cheered when Dan Zanes and Friends  won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children. Families this side of the pond were left wanting more after the UK debut of his smash-hit live show at the Southbank Centre in Easter 2007.

Dan Zanes and Friends  the Brooklyn-based band play soulful folk favourites, early rock’n’roll classics and fun catchy originals performed with a little help from his friends. Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, Sheryl Crow and Philip Glass have all made cameo appearances before, and his shows are always full of surprises.


  • 'Magical... it was worth having kids for.'

    The Independent

  • 'The happiest concert vibe since Woodstock.'

    New York Magazine

  • Co-Producers

    Dan Zanes and Friends  toured the UK in April 2009, venues were Nottingham Playhouse, Lighthouse Poole and Queen Elizabeth Hall Southbank Centre.

    Recordings by Dan Zanes and Friends  are produced by Festival Five Records