• Photo: Mónica Lapa, Joseph Fabião

Casio Tone

A wordless performance that speaks volumes about modern living, Casio Tone follows a day in the life of its female character, Suzy Homemaker, as she goes about her daily routine. But her well-ordered, almost programmed, existence is disturbed when a giant package arrives – and begins to take over. Set to a sixties-style electronic score and against a whiteboard set on which the two-dimensional furniture is neatly drawn, Casio Tone is a show for adults that turned out to be a hit with kids too.

Played at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, May 2003.


  • '…what is interesting in this modern urban fable is the way like attracts different generations. The movements of Domicilia - exactly echoed by a jazz score - always intended to be comedy...'

    Charlotte Cripps, The Independent, London, 2003

  • 'Casio Tone is a day in the life of Domicilia, an urban woman of a certain age who refines her loneliness with the domestic routine. This makes it art. [...] Casio Tone seems like a comic book for kids, but its background is quite adult…'

    Sarah Frater, Evening Standard, London, 2003