• Photo: TPO

  • Photo: TPO

  • Photo: TPO


Created for those aged three and above, Butterflies  is one of a series of works made for Company TPO’s Children’s Cheering Carpet, a touch-sensitive carpet that conjures images and sound to build a virtual landscape for performers and audience.

TPO have developed their technology so that motion capture sensors enable images to be triggered by breath and light. Audiences can virtually paint with their hands, compose lullabies with their feet, chase caterpillars on all fours, and immerse themselves in a theatrical experience for all the senses.


The company also offers an installation where children, led by two dancers, can take part in an animation game, using the interactive stage space, complete with music and images.


  • 'The life cycle of the butterfly, from egg through to caterpillar to promising cocoon and unfolding lepidopteran is a perfect creation story for children (Eric Carle’s 1969 classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, still sells a copy every 30 seconds) and the digital wizards of the Italian theatre company TPO have found the grooviest way to celebrate it.'

    The Stage

  • Co-Producers

    Butterflies  toured the UK in May, June and July 2009 at these venues Purcell Room Southbank Centre, University of Hertfordshire, the Civic in Barnsley, Exeter Phoenix, the egg Theatre Royal Bath, Scotland’s macrobert Arts Centre and Eden Court and London’s Chat’s Palace.

    Company TPO co-production with Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana