• Photo: Chris Nash

  • Photo: Chris Nash

  • Photo: Chris Nash


Meet Britain’s hottest young acrobats, Barely Methodical Troupe. This exceptionally skilled all-male trio won a Total Theatre Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival for their outstanding debut Bromance, and it’s easy to see why.

A thrilling show, it wittily celebrates all things blokey through a series of heroic, risk-taking physical feats. With an inventive mix of flawlessly-timed acrobatics, shoulder-high balances and a stunning routine inside a spinning metal wheel the lads explore male companionship and its limits.

Playful and touching, this jaw-dropping show takes British circus to new heights. Barely Methodical Troupe are outlandishly talented; Bromance, their award-winning show, is unmissable!


  • 'A jaw-dropping magnificent show.'

    The Stage

  • 'Barely Methodical Troupe could teach Isaac Newton a thing or two about gravity.'

    The Stage

  • 'Bromance has a freshness and appeal that bodes well for their (Barely Methodical Troupe) collective futures.'

    The List

  • ‘The sincerity and passion of these guys for their art is palpable. It’s a definite re-book with friends for me and five stars with a muscular flourish. Great show!’

    Edinburgh Guide

  • 'Watchable, wry and utterly winning.'


  • 'A touching, thoughtful show about being male.'

    The Financial Times

  • 'Frisky and risky, pointed yet playful, Bromance is well worth seeking out.'

    The Times

Audience Comments

  • 'Bromance was genuinely breathtaking - daring, clever, funny and utterly unforgettable.'


  • 'Bromance was impressive and dynamic as ever but with more honest, poignant moments and on point comic timing.'


  • 'Beautiful, laughing, gasping and crying. '


  • 'Stonking start to the year. Super human muscularity, fully human hearts.'


  • Company Biography

    Barely Methodical Troupe (BMT) is an experimental acrobatic circus company, fusing hand-to-hand and Cyr wheel with a through line of creative dynamic movement. The artists came to circus, each having trained independently in their own respective fields, with a thirst for breaking boundaries. Influenced by their already existing skill sets (parkour, Bboying, and tricking), they have a fresh perspective on the creation of their material. This combination of technical ability with their stylish flow is the defining feature of the troupe. Bromance is their first show as a company. Each of the artists are involved in other dance and circus projects.

  • Co-Producers

    Bromance produced by DREAM with support from Underbelly Productions and the National Centre for CircusArts as part of Circus Maximus.

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