• Photo: Nic Sandiland

  • Photo: Nic Sandiland

Apart from the Road

An interactive installation where a group of 8-9 year-old children quietly took over Hammersmith & Fulham Library with tiny video screens, television monitors and video projectors, revealing a collection of whispered poems and miniature dances drawn from the urban landscape and the edges of both East and West London. Apart From The Road – Whitechapel the artists were joined by visual artist Robin Whitmore and poet Shamim Azad to work with two more classes of 8-9 years olds from Shapla and St Paul’s Primary Schools.

Apart From The Road  took place in libraries throughout London.




  • 'This is an example of the union of art with social action.''

    Catherine Hale, Animated, 2001

  • 'It was altogether a fun idea, cleverly and beautifully realised.'

    Donald Hutera, Dance Europe 2001

  • ''Yet, its careful elicitation of a heightened reality and its concern for an authentic representation make Apart from the Road a highly crafted and compelling piece of art.''

    Catherine Hale, Animated 2001

Audience Comments

  • 'The exhibition displays foresight, the utmost creativity, and deeply intelligent caring for the community. This work is about investing in the future, about teaching children not to be afraid of their own voices, about helping them integrate. It is thanks to work like this that -just maybe- we will have compassionate leaders in the world in the future.'


  • 'You’ve done something truly inspiring.'


  • 'It captures something fleeting and magical… fantastic.'


  • 'The library was a new sense of life.'


  • 'It’s ordinary and extraordinary at the same time familiar and peculiar. Wonderful to think of the children’s’ voices still whispering even when we are not listening-is this a comment on all our lives? Charles Clarke and David Blunkett should be visiting this to learn about true diversity and education and how to give everyone a voice.'