Fort Brockhurst, Gosport

Arts Council England NPO news

Crying Out Loud, in partnership with Sud Basu, are pleased to be awarded NPO funding from Arts Council England for 2023 to 2026. The award includes additional funding to develop new talent in Portsmouth and the Solent area (a Levelling Up For Culture place) and collaborating in the region alongside our national and international work.

Statement by Rachel Clare, Artistic Director of Crying Out Loud:
“Crying Out loud are delighted to establish a base in Portsmouth and very grateful for the additional funding from Arts Council England to develop a new programme of work in the Solent area. This will be additional to our current work and in collaboration with our new partners, it’s an extremely exciting beginning of a new era for us. We look forward to developing more collaborative relationships and making some great work together alongside our existing projects which will continue in the UK and internationally.”

Crying Out Loud have been creating memorable experiences for audiences of all ages in a multitude of locations by platforming visual theatre, circus and installation work and have been an NPO since 2012.