• Credit: Fabio Affuso

  • Credit: Fabio Affuso

  • Credit: Fabio Affuso

  • Credit: Fabio Affuso

  • Repertoire

    Knot, 2016

    A chance encounter between two acrobats; a frustrated lover and a jilted dreamer. This is the story of two hearts making sense of perfection. The Knot  is the invisible string that connects two people. Sometimes strong, sometimes just about to break, it is the complex yet simple bond that we juggle with our whole lives. This piece follows the journey of individuals through the absurdity, joy and mundanity of making things work. Acrobatics, movement and storytelling combine to expose the hopes we hold for the ideal lover.

Nikki & JD

Crying Out Loud first met Nikki & JD (Nikki Rummer and Jean-Daniel Broussé) in 2015 when they delivered an outreach programme designed to offer an enhanced experience for audiences attending the Circus Evolution tour of Bromance  by Barely Methodical Troupe

Nikki and JD have been working together for three years. In this time, they have toured the UK with the Square Peg production Rime  and completed a range of research and development projects with directors and choreographers including Ben Duke, Anthony Middleston, Paul Evans and Julian Bulku. Recent achievements include reaching the final of the 2015 Circus Maximus competition at Underbelly, and performing at the Jacksons Lane Postcards Festival with company Out Of Order. Their professional development continues with the expert input of circus teachers Adrian Porter and Janchivdorj Sainbayer.

In 2016, they performed with Barely Methodical Troupe for their second critically acclaimed production Kin  directed by Ben Duke.

In November 2016 as part of Circus Evolution, Crying Out Loud is touring Nikki & JD’s debut show Knot, as the opening piece for Gasp!  by Circoncentrique. Nikki & JD are associate artists at Déda Derby, one of our Circus Evolution partner venues.


  • "Knot effortlessly combines gasp-inducing spectacle with tender and intimate moments"

    Culture Tiger

  • "Nikki & JD achieve a remarkable balance between the thrills of acrobatics and the intimacy of theatre"

    Josephine Leask