• La Fresque by Jeanne Mordoj
  • These Books Are Made For Walking Photo: Aymée Hamon
  • Dormez-vous? Photo: Vincent Beaume

2016 at a glance

2016 is already looking interesting. Take a glance at the first 6 months here.

Circus Evolution continues with a tour by Circa Tsuica of Opus 7,  an exhilarating show packed with circus feats and brass band beats. In a first for Circus Evolution, the company will collaborate with a brass band in each of the towns it’s touring to, exchanging music practice, rehearsing and finally performing together on stage.  It’s a great opportunity for young musicians to interact with a leading French contemporary circus company leading to creation and public performance to substantial crowds of people.

Associate Artist Alice Allart, will be undertaking her first tour with These Books Are Made for Walking,  a delightfully inventive three hander.

As part of CircusFest at the Roundhouse Jeanne Mordoj will present the new version of La Poème,  alongside a 15 minute companion piece, La Fresque  and participate in a salon entitled Circus and Collaboration. For more information and tickets click here.

In April, Company L’Insomnante will return with Dormez-vous?  the multi-sensorial experience for children on the autistic spectrum.  The project is part of Opening Out, Crying Out Loud’s performance strand that is dedicated to developing and delivering bespoke performances and creative residences for children on the autistic spectrum.