• Photo: Richard Haughton

  • Photo: Richard Haughton

  • Photo: Richard Haughton

  • Photo: Richard Haughton

La Veillée des Abysses

Straight from the crescendo of The Junebug Symphony  came the feverish fantasy La Veillée des Abysses. The extraordinarily versatile James Thierrée fashioned another masterpiece as contortion, acrobatics, mysterious transformations, music and dance fuse together.

Regular collaborators contortionist Raphaëlle Boitel and opera singer Uma Ysamata were joined by Swedish dance legend Niklas Ek, Belgian dancer and animator Gaëlle Bisellach-Roig and Brazilian acrobat and capoeira dancer Thiago Martins.


  • 'Shipwrecked on its own ethereal beauty, this show is a marvel, unlike any piece of circus that you have ever seen… It will blow you away.'

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

  • 'Like its predecessor The Junebug Symphony, it’s not easy to categorise, seems struck by mischief and a kind of magical madness… Imbued with a big-hearted sense of fun, it’s about more than mere stunts or tricks.'

    Donald Hutera, The Times

  • 'Genius at the bottom of the garden… La Veillée goes beyond comedy and circus, touching an emotional quick that reaches something bigger.'

    Jenny Gilbert, The Independent

  • 'A fantastical world of limitless invention. This is modern circus distilled into consummate poetic art, its stunts and skills seamlessly linked together.'

    The Independent

  • 'The set is brilliant, the performers are excellent and every scene is inspired.'

    Sarah Frater, The Evening Standard

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