• Credit: Koen Broos

  • Credit: Koen Broos

  • Credit: Koen Broos


Inne Goris & Thomas Smetryns / LOD

Snow  takes you on a visual and musical journey.

A dancer/singer and a guitarist tell the story of Snegurotshka, an age-old Russian fairy tale about a snow-girl who follows the rhythm of nature, but who can also control some elements of her environment such as mist, ice and snowstorms. However she cannot stand heat, which makes it impossible for her to fully take part in the human world. She’s often alone, but finds herself protected by a fire-red fox that follows her around everywhere she goes.

Snow  is a visual tale in which music plays a big part. It’s the perfect introduction to contemporary music and dance for young audiences.

Inne Goris has been a long-term Crying Out Loud associate artist and is working in Belgium with LOD,  a production company for opera and musical theatre, a creative base for performing artists.


  • Snow is another confirmation of Inne Goris' rich and dark universe.

    Els Van Steenberghe - Knack

  • Snow is a beautiful and intense show.

    Evelyne Coussens - Theaterkrant

  • Company Biography

    Inne Goris is an intensely visual director who likes to tackle topics head on and communicate important issues in new ways. Inspired by familiar texts, Greek classics or fairy tales she extracts essential elements to follow her own raw approach, drilling into a subject to reveal its inner essence. We like the fact that she is unafraid of exploring difficult issues and draws on aspects of human behaviour, especially the interaction between perpetrator and victim.
    Her work can be both magical and dark at the same time.
    Her commitment to creating serious, but beautiful, work for children and families is what first compelled us to work with her. She is a pioneer in her methods of creating work by actively involving young performers in the creation process. She takes young audiences seriously making no distinction between adults and children in her approach.

    Thomas Smetryns studied composition with Godfried-Willem Raes, and guitar, lute and theorbo with Ida Polck and Philippe Malfeyt at the Ghent Conservatory. As a composer he is very interested in the search for a new, experimental musical practice that remains anchored in an historical and/or social (sub)consciousness. He shares this interest with the American composers Brent Wetters and Jonathon Kirk; together, they form the “Medusa” collective.


    A blend of live music, dance and story telling

    Quality work for young audiences

    Foreign company with a UK reputation


    Families with children between 4 and 6

    Families interested in contemporary music and dance

    Families interested in Eastern Europe traditional tales