• Credit: Milan Szypura

  • Credit: Milan Szypura

  • Credit: Milan Szypura

  • Credit: Milan Szypura

  • Circa Tsuïca

Opus 7

Welcome to the mischievous and playful world of Circa Tsuica. A company of cracking musicians and daredevil acrobats, they serve a cocktail of funky brass beats and awe-inspiring physical feats.

As the performers play a joyous blend of ripping rhythms they show off their outrageous circus skills without dropping a note – or each other!

Through a potent blend of risk-taking acrobatics and foot-stomping live music, Circa Tsuica create a vibrant spectacle.

Looking for a rip-roaring good time? Join them as they shake the party in this funny and uproarious show.

Circa Tsuica is the creation of Cheptel Aleïkoum, a collective of unique French entertainers who tour the world performing their feel-good shows. The company are returning to the UK after their successful Spring 2016 tour, and will be collaborating with local musicians at each venue they tour to.

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  • 'Circa Tsuica has invented the Circus Brass Band, mastering acrobatics and musical rhythm, they turn art into "a weapon of mass construction".'

    Lemon Mag

  • 'A gem of humour and friendliness.'

    Ouest France

  • 'A unique hour's entertainment.'

    The Reviews Hub

  • 'Opus 7 is an outstandingly fun show, perfect for children and adults.'

    Stage Talk Magazine

  • 'It promised thrills, chaos and stirring instrumentation. And that's exactly what it delivered.'

    Oxford Times

Audience Comments

  • 'Go and see this tomorrow! Fantastic quirky performance, loved it #CircusBrass'


  • #CircusBrass absolutely amazing, everyone should see it. A raggletaggle troupe of life affirming misfits and tricksters.'


  • 'Fantastic show full of energy and fun.'


  • Company Biography

    Circa Tsuica is the musical offspring of Cheptel Aleïkoum, the French company famous for bringing innovative pieces such as Le Repas  or Le Bal Cirque  to a growing number of people.

    The members of the Cheptel (or livestock) met over 10 years ago, when they were studying at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (Châlons-en-Champagne, France). Now, when they’re not touring the world with their passion for brass bands, they live together as a community in Saint Agil, a small village in the west of France.

    Their name alone is enough to give you an idea of what they’re aiming for: “Tsuica” is Romanian for “brandy”, like the party spirit that inhabits all of their creations. Fusing amazing skills and live music, they create a playground where humour meets jaw-dropping acrobatic tricks. Previously, they toured Europe with Opus 2Fanfarerie Nationale, Maintenant ou Jamais.