Anchored in Air

Head Over Wheels

Anchored In Air  is an aerial theatre show, using a custom designed set with an integrated trio of disabled and non-disabled performers. Using aerial, dance and spoken text the trio explore themes of isolation, collaboration, struggle and rewards with humour, live double bass and drumkit.

Incorporating unusual counter-weighting systems that we have created within an easy to assemble scaffold structure, aerial harness and a flying wheelchair, we are using our set as a metaphor for the ever changing and difficult world we live in. Addressing themes of connection and reciprocity, we invite the audience to consider how they navigate the world, and how their experience differs to other peoples. This show is a reminder of how we must work together and take responsibility for others to live in an integrated and equal society.

  • Company and Co-Producers

    Performed and created by Tilly Lee Kronick, Jonny Leitch and Phoebie Knight

    Original Concept Tilly Lee Kronick and Cora Dawson

    Directed by Charlotte Mooney (Ockham’s Razor)

    Mentors Jamie Beddard and Charlotte Mooney

  • Understanding Access

    As in integrated company we are challenging misconceptions on disability: breaking stereotypes of what a ‘circus body’ should look/move like; striving for inclusivity in the arts; encouraging people to use the social model of disability – questioning how environments we create ‘dis-able’ people with blame falling on them. There are very few inclusive companies or training opportunities for disabled circus and physical theatre artists. We are paving the way for change, this project is a crucial way forwards and builds on our respective work with DiverseCity and Extraordinary Bodies.

    We believe art and theatre should be accessible to all, to reach a diverse audience and to effect more people. There will be two versions of the show, the outdoor one aims to remove barriers that some face when trying to see performances in theatres, particularly for disabled people, theatre’s can be inaccessible, as an integrated company, we want our audiences to feel seen and represented on stage. Once finalised, we plan to make an indoor version of the show in Winter 2024 with dramaturgical development and lighting design.

    We aspire to tour and work internationally, step one is our relationship with Teatronis in Kaunas Lithuania, brokered by Crying Out Loud, with one week residency and three days of performances in Vilñius and Kaunas. As well as giving us the opportunity to premiere the show internationally we can begin a international residency exchange, initiated by Crying Out Loud and Third Version Creative to deepen the understandings around access and perceptions of disabilities in different cultures.

  • Timeline

    We have had two separate periods of R&D (at Jacksons Lane funded by ACE and by Blueprint Award, Without Walls) enabling us to develop the narrative with director Charlotte Moony and test the new counterweight structure. At the Jacksons Lane public work in progress presentation, we invited non and partially sighted people to experience a touch tour as a pre-show guide of the set with a discussion about the role the set in the show. This was followed by a post-show feedback and question and answer session. Both have fed into our next development stage of the work.

    Next steps

    2024/5 – Winter/Spring x 2 weeks residency at National Centre for Circus Arts

    2024/5 – Winter/Spring x 2 weeks Creation period at 101 (Without Walls pending)

    May 2024 residency organised by Teatronis, Kaunas Lithuania

    June 2024 performances x 3 at Cirkuliacija Kaunas and Vilnius Arts Printing House