A remarkable event by Claire Ruffin

Posted on: 2 Oct 2015

Last week in the quiet and hidden garden of a studio theatre, 3 bis f, situated in the grounds of a psychiatric hospital, l’Hôpital Montperrin, in the centre of Aix-en-Provence, I attended a remarkable event.

L’hôtel à ciel ouvert, directed by Claire Ruffin, is an intimate performance for an audience of 15 people and was taking place hourly between 8pm – 11pm. For a… Read more

Jeanne Mordoj in residency at Hackney City Farm

Posted on: 8 Sep 2015

The fragility of life and the inevitability of death, all in a day’s work with Jeanne Mordoj in residency at Hackney City Farm.

The hens, cockerels and chicks at Hackney City Farm were being closely observed in August, not just by children and families in the final weeks of their holiday, but by the French theatre artist Jeanne Mordoj and… Read more

Bruit de Couloir by Clément Dazin

Picks of the Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Posted on: 21 Jul 2015

Here are Crying Out Loud’s picks of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival for you.

For the past 30+ years, Rachel Clare, our Artistic Director, has been in Edinburgh every August. She has diligently sifted through this year’s festival print and recommends the following venues and shows.

Vive le Fringe at the French Institute is definitely worth going to for interesting and innovative French work.… Read more