Photo: Shawn J Stephen

I am. Am I (me, my fridge and I) by Louiseanne Wong

I Am. Am I (me, my fridge and I) is a work in progress – a human story told through movement, dance, and circus. Louiseanne explores their struggle with social norms, displacement, and unlearning how they were ‘conditioned’ in Hong Kong.

They question labelling theory – some given, some self-identifying (e.g. from-from, foreigner) – and raise awareness of social inequalities using a fridge, layers of sloganised t-shirts, light projection, and urban anti-establishment forms like parkour, art du deplacement and krump.

Book for Resolution 2024 at London’s The Place, 08 February 2024.

Louiseanne Wong (she/they) is a non-binary East Asian artist and coach, born and bred in Hong Kong. Their curiosities brought them to study Bachelor of Music at University of Manchester and MA Choreography at Laban. Probing deeper into concepts of identity, under Esprit Concrete & Crying Out Loud mentorship, they explore stigmatisation towards BAME artists and how this impacts their practice. They fuse Dance, Circus, Parkour and Art du Deplacement to map themself in space playing with non-horizontal dimensions, object manipulation and overcoming obstacles.

You may also know Louiseanne from Kundle Cru.

Credits: Outside Eye / Movement Director: Aline David, Counselling Psychologist Kasturi Torchia, Sound Design Sharon Tsang, Kakilang Arts, Writer & Dramaturg Daniel York Loh, Krump Mentor Amanda Pefkou and Mentor: Rachel Clare, Crying Out Loud, Artistic Director