Far From The Norm

Circus250 Creative Europe

A successful bid to Creative Europe means we’re delighted to announce that a partnership between Far From The Norm, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, Cork Midsummer Festival and Subtopia will deliver an international circus hip hop project for Circus250 – the anniversary of the birth of the modern day circus by Philip and Patty Astley – in 2018.

Talented hip hop and circus artists will work with early career artists in four countries to devise and perform shows that explore the connections between multi-cultural Europe through the lens of football.

In celebrating a circus innovator of his time, Philip Astley with his wife Patty, the project draws parallels between innovations in circus then and now. It also offers the opportunity to upskill artists interested in working across hip hop and circus, extends intercultural and artistic exchange around the challenges of nationalism and multiculturalism, and creates a show that has the potential to attract a new and diverse audience.

The project kicks off in London 2017. Watch this space for more information.