Jeanne Mordoj


In partnership with Summerhall, Crying Out Loud premiered Jeanne Mordoj’s La Poème at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 and as part of Currency 2013 at The Place, London.  La Poème is a joyously strange and personal play in with Jeanne Mordoj utilizes her body to freely celebrate the feminine.

In 2014, Crying Out Loud worked with Jeanne Mordoj on the development of a new piece, Amouriture. In residency at Kings College University, Jeanne worked with  a micro-biologist and a food scientist  to explore the extremities of edible mould.


  • ‘Laura Moy does precise, emotionally exquisite things on the Chinese pole.’

    The Times

  • ‘…a hugely enjoyable, seductive and exciting circus performance.’

    Edinburgh Spotlight

  • ‘(Laura) Moy’s solo on the pole after it’s been uprooted and suspended is simply gorgeous.’


L’après-midi d’un Foehn-Version 1