Photo: Alex Brenner


In a hostile environment of disinvestment, circus comes out strong after ACE rearranges its National Portfolio, with companies mostly keeping their funding and some securing new investment (Ockhams Razor, Mimbre, Upswing, Crying Out Loud and NoFit State). As another sign of the sector’s rapid development, Circus Space renames itself the National Centre for Circus Arts and takes on a new role as a national advocate. In Bristol, Circomedia opens a BA course (expanding on its foundation degree). In Edinburgh a new award is launched for circus, the Jacksons Lane Total Theatre Award. The 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Centre opens as Corn Exchange Newbury’s dedicated space for large-scale outdoor arts projects. Meanwhile in Cardiff, the Network of International Circus Exchange (NICE) brings some 100 delegates to a youth and social circus sharing hosted by NoFit State and CircusWorks.