Credit: Vincent Beaume


Circus has a banner year at the Edinburgh Fringe with a huge lift in performances and the participation of international heavyweights like Phia Ménard and Jeanne Mordoj. A whopping 12 circus shows are nominated for The Total Theatre Awards including all three Crying Out Loud presentations; La Poème (Jeanne Mordoj), Flown  (Pirates of the Carabina) and L’Après-midi d’un Foehn – Version 1  (Company Non Nova) with the latter two winning in the Physical/Visual Theatre catagory. Back in London, Circus Now, a new UK showcase organised by City Circ, spans three days and connects venue programmers with the best of British artists. Building on increased activity, Crying Out Loud begins Circus Evolution, a three-year project to boost contemporary circus touring throughout the UK, and Jacksons Lane launches a mini-residency programme, Transmission. Circus Space meanwhile nets a cool million dollars in a donation from American philanthropist Aileen Getty, and NoFit State open Four Elms, a renovation of a former Methodist church which lay derelict in central Cardiff for more than decade.


In 2013 we begin to see the benefits to the UK artists who have been involved in PASS, the Cross Channel Circus Alliance, after 3 years with 18 UK based companies visiting La brèche and Normandy for residencies, training and opportunities to present their work in Europe.