Ra-Ra Zoo

Ra-Ra Zoo become a cult hit on the new variety circuit with their hectic, fast-paced circus – gleefully chaotic, edged with English surrealism, always on the point of collapse. Over the next decade the company make boutique shows for audiences of a hundred at the Diorama squat in Regent’s Park, produce a circus take on traditional Peking opera, and take the tea ceremony – their legendary three-person skit on British tea-drinking – to Africa and South America with the help of the British Council. Founded by Sue Broadway, Stephen Kent, Dave Spathaky and Sue Bradley, Ra-Ra Zoo work with many of the artists who will go on to define a generation of contemporary circus, with alumni including Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Lindsey Butcher, Deb Pope, Helen Crocker, and Angela de Castro.