• Photo: Anna van Kooij

  • Photo: Anna van Kooij

  • Photo: Anna van Kooij

Oogly Boogly

What happens when a 12-18 month old is let loose in a soft, safe space with someone who follows and reflects their every sound, move and mood?

The interaction between babies, performers and the audience of parents and carers is what made Oogly Boogly  an utterly unpredictable event.  A delightfully simple and spontaneous experience for both performers and participants where, in fact, we could begin to wonder which is which.

Oogly Boogly went to The Place in 2003 and to Sadler’s Wells in 2006.


  • ‘Babies and toddlers call the shots at this universal event’

    Time Out Critics Choice 2003

  • 'Fascinating duets and trios come out of the process and even in periods when activity is subsided, attention was turned towards quiet gestures with subtle interactions.’

    Dance Theatre Journal, 2004

  • ‘One of the most moving and exhilarating shows… a show for eight babies and their carers…Oogly Boogly’s skill and simplicity reminds us of the starting point of the imagination and takes advantage of the instinct to create before trying too hard takes over.’

    The Age, Melbourne Oct 2005

Audience Comments

  • 'more?'

    Imogen, 18 months

  • 'Thank you – a more perfect entertainment could not be imagined. Hurrah!'

    Parent, Sadler's Wells Theatre 2006

  • 'What a marvellous celebration of the joys of learning to move and interact'

    Parent, Sadler's Wells Theatre 2006