• Photo: Milan Szypura

  • Photo: Milan Szypura

  • Photo: Milan Szypura

Foté Foré

Foté Foré  sees trailblazing Guinean circus troupe Cirque Mandingue mix high-energy acrobatics and street dance against a backdrop of live West African drumming and hip hop beats.

Their debut show, Foté Foré  has catapulted them into the international arena and features an amazing ensemble of performers blending traditional and contemporary circus, dance and music to bring the Guinean streets to the stage in this high octane show.

Foté Foré  premiered as part of CircusFest 2012 at London’s Roundhouse and then went to Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre.


  • 'A total delight'

    Louise Levene, The Sunday Telegraph

  • 'overflowing with casual charm and killer acrobatics'

    Keith Watson, The Metro

  • 'a pretty mesmerising solo turn from Abdoulaye Keita, a jelly-spined contortionist'

    Donald Hutera, The Times

  • 'Extreme contortion from the spectacular Abdoulaye Keita and freaky body popping from Regis Truchy, but most thrilling are the exceptional duo’s moves on a Chinese pole, which is simply supported on a car tyre and nonchalantly held in place by five artists who keep on dancing.'

    Liz Arratoon, The Stage

  • 'It’s all about the atmosphere, the foot-stamping live music and those dizzying, gravity-defying feats of agility.'

    Killian Fox, The Observer

  • Company Biography

    Cirque Mandingue was formed in 2009 following a meeting at the second Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algiers between French artistic director Luc Richard and a dozen Guinean artists, four of whom were members of Circus Baobab. All circus lovers, they had a common dream: to put together a circus school in Guinea and create shows together. From this Foté Foré  was born, launching the new company and their first show into the international circus scene.